The Naphthalan oil

Deposit Unique Naphthalan oil is found in the Azerbaijan Republic, 50 km from the city Ganja beneath Murovdag mountain range.

Naphthalan oil is only one of it’s kind oil, possessing high efficiency of medical ction, however remoteness of its using for the treatment of different diseases hitherto not realized question on what componens of this oil possesses th most biological activity, are its main acting beginning.

For the first time Ali Muradov in 1968-1971 s by the managament of academician A. M. Kuliyev by modern physico-chemical methods [in the İnsitute of Additives of Academy of Scieces of the Azerbaijan Rpublic] studied the phycicol-chemical charcteristics of Naphthalan oil (table 1) And has found out in the composition of Naphthalan oil contains the following components, specified in table 2.

Academician A. M. Kuliyev

The director of the «Additive Chemical İnstitute of the Azerbaijan Scientific Academy», twice the USSR and once Azerbaijan State Prize Laureate Honoured Scientist the deputy of the second convocation of the Azerbaijan Supveme Soviet the deceased Academision Ali Musa oglu Guliyev, the deceased Academision Usif Mammadaliyev? set themselves an object of detailed study, the theory of high medicinal property of the chemical composition of the Naphthalan oil.

 The Doctor Alı Nasrulla oglu Muradov.

The Doctor Alı Nasrulla oglu Muradov was born in 1941, azerbaijani, member of the New-York Academy of Sciences. He was rewarded with medal inventor of the USSR His candidate’s And doctoral theses are dedicated to studying of the chemical composition of medical Naphthalan oil.

The Physico-chemical characteristics of the Naphthalan oil 

Specific weight d420 Viscosity under 500 C con Temperature, S0 Aridity, % Content, % Fraction componens
Flashes Thiccening Resisns a slica gel Asfaltennen The sulrhurs Nitrogen Beginning of boiling Bolling away 350S %
0,9395 51,48 125 -20 1,29 11,4 0,49 0,31 0,24 238 25

Table 1

The Hydrocarbon composition of Naphthalan oil And feature of chosen groups of hydrocarbons

The hydrocarbon groups Output % weight nD20 d420 Molemcul. weight Structured-Qroup composition
A number of colas inmolecul content of carbon %
hü ha hn cn cp
Naphthenic 55,0 1,4830 0,8870 285 2,5 2,5 59,0 41,0
Light 9,0 1,5152 0,9373 330 2,8 0,9 1,9 55,7 44,3
Midle 11,7 1,5549 0,9944 290 3,5 1,5 2,0 75,8 24,2
Heavy 10,1 1,6125 1,0492 345 4,7 3,1 1,6 80,0 20,0
Resisns 14,2

Table 2

Scientific workman Ali Muradov on the grounds of conducted scientific exploratory work has found out that Naphthalan oil being unique by its medical action, is distinguished from suppressing number of the oils also by their own physico-chemical characteristics. For it itis distinctive high specific weight [d420=0,9395], absence of light fractions and hard paraffin hydrocarbons, significant contents of resins [14,8%], big aptitude to formation with water by highly rack of emulsion.

On our intiative, for the determination of biological activity And medical characteristics of different components (table 2), tinned from Naphthalan oil sent to Azerbaijan Scientific research İnstitute of health-resort, in the İnstitute of physiology and Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan Republic, on the pulpit of microbiology of Azerbaijan Medical University, on the pulpit of veternary medicine of Azerbaijan Agricultural Academy and to the resort Naphthalan.

Bactericidal characteristics, were explored influence of components of oil on exchange processes, physiological And biochemical improvement in the bestial organism, on the morphology of periferical blood and bloodforming, on different functions of organs and alive organism systems in the rate and pathology, their efficiency in the treament of peptic ulcer of belly and duodenum a7nd in feternary medicines.

Results a number of medical studies have shown that Naphthenic hydrocarbons are the most biologically active components and main acting beginnings of Naphthalan oil under its medical using, rendering positive influence upon number of physiological functions of orqanism. Naphenic Hyrocarbons are not toxic, do not prossess carcinogenic and theratogenic by characteristics. İn ditto Time resins and aromatic hydrocarbons, particularly polyciclmic organs and organism systems netgativly. Naftenic Hydrocarbons are rendered by the efficient pathogenic facility at the treatment variety of diseases-surgicl, women’s diseases of ear, throat, nose, pertic ulcers of belly And duodenum, diseases a prostate, haemorrhoid, burns I,II,III degrees and the others, as veternary medicines.

At present in Ganja in Naphthalan sanitary centre under the direction of the heard physician Shahin Babayev is conducted treatment by Naftenic hydrocarbons, tinned from Naphthalan oil different diseases such so: disease of joints and spine, periferic nervous system, periferic continers, skin diseses, womon’sdiseases, chronic nonspecific prostate, stomatological diseses, burns I, II, III degrees, frostbite, haemorrhoid hardhealed wound, gastric ulcers and duodenum.

İnstalled by us presence of bridge-type hydrocarbons in lowboiling fractions of Naphthenic hydrocarbons and Naphthalan oil has brought us to convincing that alongside with polycistic join, bcically type syclopentanpergidrofenatrena adiantan-cholestan triterpan, medical characteristic of Naphthalan oil dipends on also join, having fridge type of joints of colas, moreover first from they difine a biological activity highly boiling fractions, but second lowboiling. Structure of these hydrocarbons is shown below:

Structure of the lowboiling fractions of Naphthenic hydrocarbons:

Bitsiclo (3,2, 1) octan Bitsiclo, (2,2,2) octan
Tetratsiklo (6,3,1,02,605,10)
Pentasiklo (7,3,1,14,1,2, 02,7, 06,11) tetradekan

Higly boiling fraction (420-500, 500-525S) Napthtenic hydrocarbons, tinned from Naphthalan oil contin a tetra, penta and more condensing round-robin structures.

steran (adiantan)

İt is necessary to call attention and on that some from polysiclic fractions of Nafthenic hydrocarbons Naphthalan oil possess an optical activity that allows to expect presence in them structures, refering to steranam and werpanam, which presence was revealled in number of oils, at the same time apsheron oil.

Naphthenic hydrocarbon, received from Naphthalan oil is liguid of white colour, with the weak distinctive scent, possesses. An tiinflammatory and anaesthesiatizing action, increases blood vessels, perfects reological characteristics of blood, processes of peroxide oxidation an lipids coagultion characteristics of blood, possesses immunocorregiering action, promotes regressions and resorbium psoriatic elements, renders regenerating, antiinflammatory action on skin manifestation of disease, perfects the microcirculatiory microcirculator processes in joint tissu that stipulated by anaesthessiatizing action.

At present in Ganja sanitary cente «Naphthenic» hydrocarbons, produce treatments of following diseases:

  • Skin diseses,
  • diseases of peripheric containers,
  • diseases of peripherial nervous system (radiculitis, neuralgias, neuritises),
  • diseases of joints and spine (osteondrose all spine divisions with dendron manifestations, rheumatic arthritis, brucellosis polyarthritis)
  • women’s diseases,
  • chronic unspecific prostata,
  • burns I, II, III degrees a frostbite,
  • naemorrhoid (internal and, external) hardhealed reeked,
  • festerring reeked,
  • postoperative seams,
  • bullet wounding and their complication, at the treatment of peptic ulcer of belly And duodenum.

All–round studies of biological action of Naphthenic hydrocarbons and following successful use them at the treatment variety of diseases has brought us to need to decide problem sof provision medical-preventive founding to necessaru amouns of these hydrocarbons. İn this connection we on the development of technology of separation from Naphthalan oil Naphthenic hydrocarbons.

At present in worldwide known Ganja Naphtalan sanitary centre from Naphthalan oil is produced Haphthenic oils, which is used in the complex treatment. Medical workmens from different coutries in purposse of treatment with Naphthalan oil can address to us.