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In 2010 The sanitary cetre «Naphthalan»  has taken out the patent for manufacturing Naphthenic oils (it is made from Naftalan oil) which is applied in complex treatment.


 The sanitary cetre «Naphthalan» Ganja city

Bore holes af the Naphthalan oil, since 1873.

Deposit Unique Naphthalan oil is found in the Azerbaijan Republic,
50 km from the city Ganja beneath Murovdag mountain range.

Exterior of sanitary centre «Naphthalan» in the city Ganja.

Carrying out of diagnostics of various kinds of analyses by means of the
newest equipment in the conditions of modern laboratory.

Treatment of thrombofhlebitis diseas with Naphthenic
by hydrocarbon tinned from Naphthalan oil.

Massage of the patient with Naphthalan oil tinned from Naphthalan oil.